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Wool felt is an organic product with the possibility of biological disposal that is safe for the environment.

Sheep wool, eventually wool fibres, are gradually felted and compressed by moisture, heat, and abrasion during the manufacturing process, until a homogenous fabric is created, called wool felt. 

It is possible to use a selection of wool felt products in nearly all branches of industry, such as:

sealing material insulation material
polishing material lubrication  material

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Felt in rolls Polishing felt Felted shaped
Felt boards Felt strip and wire Felt rolls




Needle felt can be produced from standard synthetic fibres like Polyester or Polypropylene, but also from special heat-resistant fibres like Nomex, Aramid, or Kevlar. Synthetic fibres are mechanically entangled by barbed needles and in such a way a felt fleece is created. 


Needle felt characteristics:


long-term durability abrasion and tear resistance
rot resistance UV radiation resistance

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Selected products


Technical needle felt in rolls Needle felt
in rolls and rings
Self-adhesive felt      




Due to the high colorfulness and elegant design is a colorful decorative felt the best material for the design and decoration purposes. We offer decorative color felt made of wool, polyester and viscose in thicknesses from 1 mm.
Decorative felt can be used for example:
design accessories production decoration of exhibition stands, packaging and showcases
interior design toys and hobby products

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Selected products


Feltro - 1 mm
100% viscose
PECF 100 - 1,1 mm
100% Polyester
FELTILE - 2, 3, 5 mm
100 Marino wooll
TEXTIL FELT 170 - 1 mm
100% Polyester
TEXTIL FELT 500 - 3 mm
100% Polyester
5 mm 100% polyester