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Technical needle felt in rolls

Furthermore felt natural fibers such as wool, we supply all standard synthetic fibers like polyester, polyamide and polypropylene. We also supply other well-known felt for the special thermal protection, which include man-made fibers such as Nomex ®, Kevlar ®, Twaron ®, Kermel ®, Basofil ®, Sigrafil ®.


Needle punched felt need not contain only one type of fiber can also be produced as a mixture of different types of fibers.


Needled felt can be supplied in different shaped cutting plants such. pads, belts, rings, and more.


Possibilities of needle felt production in rolls and rings:

-  inner diameter: 19 – 450 mm

- wall thickness: 5 - 14 mm

- density: 0.15 – 0.42 g/m²

- length: up to 2, 000 mm


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