Felt stripes and cords

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Felt strips and cords

Felt strips can be cut according to specified dimensions. Examples:

  • lubricating cylinders for the metalworking industry     

  • pressure and guide rollers

  • kneading and baking conveyor belts for machines

  • polishing belts

  • countervailing felt for leather industry

Round felted wire are made ​​of white or gray felt with high density (hard felt) in thicknesses from 3 mm higher. Terms of ecological product that can be biologically disposed of (a biodegradable). Felt wires can withstand temperatures up to 100 ° C. As a natural product does not have problems to adapt to a wide temperature range.  most these products are used as seals in machines in the manufacture of confectionery.  Feedback requested felted wire in the form below and we will as soon as possible to inform them of the possibility of production and prices.


Felt stripes and cords