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Company profile

Company REFIMA s.r.o. was founded in 2008 and it functions in textile and engineering industry. It is a private, production business which company activity includes: 

- production of textile, leather and shoe products

- trading and mediating activity


From the establishment the company handles with production and sale of felt products and delivery of felt materials. Felt selection we devide into following:


(technical) felt

felt products

needle felt

decoration felt

Supplementary production is composed by elaboration and adaptation of non - metallic materials, e.g.: leather, leatherette, foam rubber, PUR foam, industry and technical textiles, gum, clothes, graphite, paper, board, cork and many others.


Company mission
  • thanks qualified labour force and quality materials to produce high-quality products, which can with their quality satisfy the most demanding customers
  • with the small and also big product series to refill the market bound and to tie up a serious relationships with the customers
  • to realise the production for reasonable prices
  • to build an image of quality slovak products by the customers

Company Vision


to be an excellent company, which supplies a complete and connected offer of elaborating and adaptation of non - metallic materials in engineering, textile, leather, shoe, furniture and electro - technical industry..




REFIMA is certificated according to ISO 9001:2016.


You can download the certificate here.